Weighted sleeping bags developed for
babies and children with sleep problems



✓ Baby-friendly weighted sleeping bags.
✓ Deep pressure on the body has documented calming effect:
Longer sleep cycles & calmer sleep.
  • NIGHT WAKINGS. Before: 5-10 now 0-2 times. 75%
  • FALLING ASLEEP. Before: 1-2 hours. Now it takes 15-30 min. 72%
  • NAPS. Before: 20-40 min. now 2-3 hour naps. 85%

*Results are feedback from +300 families 2014-17


Invented by a mom

about us

“In 2012 we had our dream baby – Emma. We thought that we would have a normal baby – who doesn’t? But she was constantly fussy and restless. She was NOT keen on sleeping: waking up every hour at night, always taking 45 min. powernaps during the day and trying to get her to sleep in the evening was a 1-2 hour long battle…”

Vibeke von Monrath Bruun,
Ex-tired mom & Owner

0-4 years



Weighted swaddle + sleeping bag
(0 – 1 year)


Incl. 30 days trial period
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 15 reviews


Weighted Sleeping bag
(8kg – 2y)


Incl. 30 days trial period
49 reviews


Weighted Sleep Suit
(15 kg/2y – 4 y)


Incl. 30 days trial period
31 reviews


AMAZING feedback


“I would like to recommend the BABYDEEPSLEEP swaddle to anyone with sensitive babies. Viggo was born very restless. We tried ordinary swaddles, but he could easily wriggle out of them. I heard about this weighted swaddle, which could be used as a sleeping bag. I think this is very clever. And it makes it a better investment. I was concerned about Viggo overheating (SIDS) since he is a very “warm” baby. But the swaddle is perfect. Made of bamboo and the fabric on the backside has a lot of small “holes” for ventilation. Viggo never gets too warm in this swaddle and he can´t wriggle out of it 😉 We recommend this product to everyone with colicky and restless new-borns.”
Karin + Viggo 3 months


“Maggie falls faster and deeper asleep and we do not have to rock her to sleep every night. She simply falls asleep by herself! Furthermore she now sleeps longer in the morning. Before she woke at 5 am, now she often sleeps until 6 am. AMAZING!”
Mari + Maggie 8 months


“We have had positive experiences with this new invention. Valdemar has always had trouble falling asleep at night, and he wakes many times during the night. It is clear that Valdemar relaxes more when he gets in the babydeepsleep bag, and he also falls asleep faster. For the first time, we experienced that Valdemar woke up at night, but managed to fall a sleep again BY HIMSELF – it has never happened before! The bag clearly has a calming effect that helps Valdemar sleep much better. Definitely worth the money! Thank you for this much needed product 😉”
Johanna + Valdemar 9 months


“We had to find a sleep solution for our daughter Emily because our family was falling apart from lack of sleep. And I´m so happy I did 😉 The first couple of nights we experienced fewer and fewer night wakings. The full effect came after about 14 days. Emily went from waking up 10 times a night to 1-2 times. When she wakes we help her get her pacifier and her favourite stuffed toy – AND then she falls asleep again almost instantly! Before she could be awake 1-2 hours at night!!! We would just sit there and try to calm her, so she could go back to sleep. What a DIFFERENCE. I love that the fabric is so soft and stretchy. Emily can easily stand up in her bed and move around.”
Hanna + Emily 15 months


“I was a bit reluctant to buy the babydeepsleep suit for my son Thomas, because he is a very warm child. I wrote to the owner of babydeepsleep and after a few emails back and forth, I took the leap. I am NOT disappointed. The weight in the suit seems perfect for my son and it clearly helps him to relax more and fall faster asleep and sleep longer periods. The daytime naps are also longer and he wakes much more peacefully. The bamboo fabric is absolutely GENIOUS. I really love our babydeepsleep bag. We could not live without it.”
Elsa + Thomas 18 months


“The Babydeepsleep® products are some of the best products for babies and children with sleep problems. Offering extra comfort and proprioceptive stimulation is very effective.”
Signe Bredsdorff-Larsen,
child occupational therapist


*Reviews are from Babydeepsleep´s FB-page.


We are the proud inventors and owners of the BABYDEEPSLEEP® concept. We are also the parents of a little girl, who had severe colic and sleep issues from the day she was born. After a year with almost no sleep the first weighted sleeping bag saw the light of day. The difference our products are making for families all over is overwhelming and so is the feedback from grateful parents ★★★★★

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We hope that our products will also help you and your family to more restful sleep.

Best wishes,
Vibeke and Steffen