The dream of a normal baby

In 2012 we had our dream baby – Emma. We thought that we would have a normal baby – who doesn’t? But Emma was from the beginning a baby who cried a little higher and a little longer compared to others. Colicky, fussy, restless, unsettled, High Heed, highly sensitive? We were worried – and we were extremely tired.

Our baby was waking up every hour at night, we where out running with the stroller to try to keep her sleeping longer than 20 min. in the daytime, trying to get her to sleep always took 1-2 hours in the evening…Emma was gruelling and beautiful at the same time – and she was tired – and fussy.


In search of knowledge

In desperation I researched all available literature about babies and sleep and looked at baby sleep-aid products from all over the world. We tried all possible means: weighted blankets, sling cradles, bouncing on Pilates balls, meditative music, reflexology, chiropractic, deep pressure massage, brushing techniques to calm her sensitive system, blow dryer that ran all night, scores of bottles of milk through the night, cranberry juice, magnesium baths, all types of pacifiers, teddy bears, ear doctors, paediatricians and all popular educational disciplines that should help babies to fall asleep…

The one product, which helped the most was a weighted blanket. But weighted blankets easily get too warm and they are very easy to kick off during the night. So…


From chaos to a good idea

Our endeavours had given me an idea. I would combine the obvious advantages of a sleeping bag with the documented calming effect of deep pressure on the body. The idea of a weighted sleeping bag came to life.

Our BABYDEEPSLEEP® products are our contribution to a better world.
Good sleep is the beginning of everything good in all people.

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We are the proud inventors and owners of the BABYDEEPSLEEP® concept. We are also the parents of a little girl, who had severe colic and sleep issues from the day she was born. After a year with almost no sleep the first weighted sleeping bag saw the light of day. The difference our products are making for families all over is overwhelming and so is the feedback from grateful parents ★★★★★

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We hope that our products will also help you and your family to more restful sleep.

Best wishes,
Vibeke and Steffen