Our Perspective on Sustainability

We have made the decision that our BABYDEEPSLEEP® products must be made with as little waste as possible, as gently as possible and as sustainable as possible. Materials used in the production of our products are OEKO-TEX® certified. This means that you can be absolutely sure that our products have no chemical content, which may – or are suspected of being harmful to your child.


We have chosen to manufacture our products out of bamboo rayon out of two main reasons:


Bamboo is a unique material that is among the most temperature regulating and sweat-absorbing materials.

Therefore it is an obvious choice for motorically restless babies, who often get too warm and sweaty during the night. Bamboo fibres are filled with tiny holes and can therefore absorb much water without feeling wet (up to 60% more than cotton). Another advantage is that the elements of the natural antibacterial bamboo fibre keep bacteria away. Bamboo also has the property that it wicks moisture away from the skin.


As raw material/crop, it is among the most sustainable resources in the world.

Bamboo fibres used for textiles are a regenerated cellulose fibre of 100% pure bamboo and the material is completely biodegradable. As crop bamboo renews itself – and does not damage the surrounding environment – these qualities make it a sustainable material.

Mom Made in Denmark

We are the proud inventors of the Babydeepsleep® concept. We are also the parents of a little girl, who had severe colic and sleeping issues from the day she was born. After a year with almost no sleep, the first weighted sleeping bag saw the light of day. The difference our products are making for families is overwhelming, and so is the feedback from grateful parents. We hope that our products will also help you and your family to more restful sleep.

Best Wishes

Vibeke and Steffen

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch.