Like a weighted blanket– only better!

For a number of years therapists working with people having sleep problems, sensory processing disorders, autism, dementia, etc. have used deep pressure and proprioception to enhance sleep. Weighted sleep products are the most effective way to provide deep pressure during sleep and have been proven to enhance sleep.

Read about the effects of deep pressure here.

Conclusion on the study

63% of participants felt less anxiety when using a weighted blanket.

78% of participants felt more relaxed when using a weighted blanket.

M.Ed. Tina Champagne,

OTR / L, Boston University


Tested According to the EU Safety Standards.

We have taken all measures to ensure that our BABYDEEPSLEEP® products are safe to use. Our products have been tested following the EU safety standard EN 16781:2018.

We follow the guidelines from leading occupational therapists with expertise in weighted products. The small plastic granules that make up the weight, are sewn securely into our products protected by strong seams. The filling consists of phthalate free PP – granules and is flexible and silent.

Oeko-Tex® Certified

The main components of our BABYDEEPSLEEP® products are OEKO-TEX® certified.

Mom Made in Denmark

We are the proud inventors of the Babydeepsleep® concept. We are also the parents of a little girl, who had severe colic and sleeping issues from the day she was born. After a year with almost no sleep, the first weighted sleeping bag saw the light of day. The difference our products are making for families is overwhelming, and so is the feedback from grateful parents. We hope that our products will also help you and your family to more restful sleep.

Best Wishes

Vibeke and Steffen

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