BABYDEEPSLEEP® Weighted Sleep Suit

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 Use from approx. 15 kg/2y – 4 years.

✓ The weighted sleep suit provides deep pressure and effectively relaxes the body. Helps toddlers and children who have difficulties falling asleep and/or wake frequently throughout the night.

 The breathable material (bamboo) and mesh insert on the back provide outstanding airflow and temperature regulation.

 The weighted filling consists of small pellets (phthalate free) and the fabric and zipper are Oeko-Tex® 100 certified.

 Safe to use: Used by more than 5000 toddlers and small children in Scandinavia. Making the Babydeepsleep® Suit one of the most popular sleep aids in Scandinavia.

*Can only be bought here. We are the inventors and sole sellers of the Babydeepsleep® products.


Product details

  • Length: 90 cm. Weight: 700 g.
  • Use all year. The bamboo fibres has excellent temperature regulating properties.
  • Sleepwear: often a long-sleeved cotton romper/blouse is perfect.
  • 2-way YKK® zipper for easy diaper changes.
  • Wash at 30° C with low spin and let air dry.
  • Fabric: 50% bamboo rayon/ 50% cotton.

Product Safety
  • Safety tested in accordance to British safety standard for sleeping bags (BS 8510:2009).
  • Flexible design enables healthy hip development.
  • No harmfull chemicals: Oeko-Tex® fabric and lead + nickel free YKK® zipper.
  • The weighted filling consists of phthalate free pellets.
  • No overheating: the bamboo fabric + airflow inserts ensure airflow.
Size Guide

Child doesn’t walk

  • Swaddle: 5-9 kg  (weighted sleeping swaddle 80 cm long – shoulder to toe)
  • Sack/Bag: 8kg-12kg (weighted sleeping bag 90 cm long – shoulder to toe)

Child walks

  • Suit: 12kg-15kg (weighted sleeping suit 90 cm long – ankles to shoulders)
  • Vest: 12kg-22kg (weighted sleeping vest)

If your baby is less than 12 kg and already walks, use Swaddle or Sleep Bag, however it is important that parents and caregivers always monitor the baby to ensure (s)he doesn’t climb out of the bed.

Product Features

Safer than a regular weighted blanket because the baby can't kick the blanket over his head / kick it off
Soft. The Blankets are designed to not become too hard.
Swaddle feature benefits. Not too tight but still gives a comforting swaddle feeling: Arms can go in the blanket or stay outside.
Made for little ones in Denmark.

Backed by Occupational Therapists and Used by Professionals

Unlike other baby weighted blankets, our blankets have placed the weight on targeted areas on the products rather than the entire products (nervous system registers the deep pressure technology better this way).

Babydeepsleep® products are some of the best products for babies with sleep problems. Offering babies extra comfort and proprioceptive stimulation is very effective.

Signe Bredsdorff-Larsen,

Authorized Child Occupational Therapist

Optimal Breathability

We are aware that restless little ones are usually warm. OEKO-TEX® certified bamboo/cotton fabric is used in all of our products due to its amazing features.

It ensures maximum breathability, temperature regulation and sweat absorption. An extra mesh insert at the top back is also added for extra airflow.


  • ★★★★★
    I bought the babydeepsleep swaddle. And WOW. It was the perfect little safe place for my colicky son. We have a natures sway sling and the babydeepsleep swaddle was a perfect add on. During the day trying to get him to take a nap is much more peaceful and instead of sleeping only powernaps, he sleeps 2-3 hours. We are so relieved 🙂
  • ★★★★★
    Maggie falls faster and deeper asleep and we do not have to rock her to sleep every night. She simply falls asleep by herself! Furthermore she now sleeps longer in the morning. Before she woke at 5 am, now she often sleeps until 6 am. AMAZING!
  • ★★★★★
    I was a bit reluctant to buy the babydeepsleep suit for my son Thomas, because he is a very warm child. I wrote to the owner of babydeepsleep and after a few emails back and forth, I took the leap. I am NOT disappointed. The weight in the suit seems perfect for my son and it clearly helps him to relax more and fall faster asleep and sleep longer periods. The daytime naps are also longer and he wakes much more peacefully. The bamboo fabric is absolutely GENIOUS. I really love our babydeepsleep bag. We could not live without it.
  • Marian + Victor 4 months.
  • Mari + Maggie 8 months
  • Elsa + Thomas 18 months