The sling cradle is a fantastic invention! With its rocking motion, it helps the baby fall asleep.

Something that has worked best for us has been a sling cradle. We used it both day and night. Emma needed movement and to be cuddled in order to fall asleep. So the sling cradle became the solution and the much-needed alternative to walking around with her in our arms/in a carrier, or jumping on a pilates ball for several hours.

Emma never enjoyed being put in the sling cradle, but when we got it going, she calmed down and could fall asleep and it "only" took 45 minutes. We first bought a sling cradle for Emma when she was 4 months old. I wish we had bought it a little earlier!

Emma also slept in the sling cradle at night until she was approximately 8 months. It was lowered all the way down close to the floor and with a mattress underneath. When she woke up at night – and it happened every hour – we could rock her back to sleep in the sling cradle. Yes, not optimal with such a habit, but the alternative was so much worse…

We used a combination of a sling cradle and a weighted sleeping bag for Emma, which worked well. Fortunately, we were able to continue using the weighted sleeping bag as cradle became more ineffective when Emma was approximately. 8 months.

PS: Today you can buy a motor that does the cradle work - that's smart.


We bought her a Natures Sway sling cradle:
The sling cradle - $234
The mattress - $44
The layer - $15
Hook for door frame - $30
= $323

But yes, it was worth the money to get a little more sleep.

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