When you have a baby who won't sleep during the day, you never really have time off. It's hard not being able to get any breaks during the day.

You probably look with envy at other mothers when they put their calm and tired baby in the pram, go for a short walk and then the baby sleeps for 2-3 hours...

Our baby was one of those babies who constantly only took short naps in the pram and always had to be kept moving. I never got any breaks. I never knew when she would wake up.

In the end, I couldn't bear to visit a café with the group of mothers anymore, because that latte was difficult to enjoy when the pram had to be kept moving.


How to extend your baby's nap?

To avoid having to trot around tiredly with the pram, you can buy a motor that can be attached to the pram so that it moves. This can help your baby get through the stages of sleep.

Most babies sleep better when they are swaddled. A footmuff is good for this purpose. But the baby can only be properly wrapped in it during the winter, otherwise it will be far too warm.

The BABYDEEPSLEEP® Swaddle, on the other hand, can be used all year round in the pram. With its gravity area, it wraps the baby. Most babies respond by sleeping more deeply and for longer periods of time. There are holes for the pram harness and in the winter you just use a regular swaddle filter on top, as the last layer.

Almost everyone who has tried the the BABYDEEPSLEEP® Swaddle in the pram, to help their restless baby sleep deeper and for longer periods of time, has had a positive experience from it. I have received many grateful reviews and emails from mothers who now have babies who sleep 2-3 hours in the pram and wake up well-rested and happy.


Ida Dybdahl Mathiesen
"We have been super happy with the BABYDEEPSLEEP® Swaddle. Our daughter has never been a good sleeper, but when she was 4 months old she started waking up every 45 minutes and only slept during the day when I went with the pram. After 3 weeks I was completely exhausted and asked my husband to take time off to help. We ordered the swaddle and after just 2 days she was sleeping 3-4 hours straight a day.

I can only recommend the BABYDEEPSLEEP® Swaddle – it is some of the best money we have spent.”

Line Lerche
“We have only used the swaddle for 1 week and I am already convinced! Our 5-month-old son has always found it very difficult to surrender to sleep, and has never slept more than 1 1/2 hours in the pram per day (usually only 45-60 minutes). After a few days with the swaddle, one day he slept 3 hours a day in the pram! I AM A FAN!"

Louise Thye Munksgaard
"The weighted swaddle has worked fantastically on our daughter (10 months). She has never taken long naps during the day. In the weighted swaddle, she now sleeps twice a day for 1.5-2 hour naps.”

Rick Christensen
“After 3 days with the swaddle, my son finally sleeps more than 20 minutes at a time a day! And it only takes 10 minutes to cuddle - completely without crying. Recommend it to anyone with babies who won't sleep during the day”

Mary Rose
“This weighted swaddle is amazing!!!!!! Valdemar sleeps so well and heavily in it. He is now 7 weeks old and got it when he was 3 weeks old because I was desperate to try something that would help him fall asleep and sleep more during the day.

I use it in the footmuff n the pram, and he naps for 3-4 hours each time! He falls asleep without me rolling with him!!!!! And he sleeps heavily.

Thank you very much for developing a great product! It will save many babies' sleep, and mothers' profits, if everyone had one."

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