That's why the BABYDEEPSLEEP® Sleeping Bag is baby- and child-friendly.


Does not get kicked off

Does not get too hot
Children who sleep poorly are often very motor restless and easily overheat. The BABYDEEPSLEEP® Sleeping Bag is made out of 100% natural material and is temperature regulating.

Does not overstimulate
The BABYDEEPSLEEP® Sleeping Bag has weight on the chest and stomach, which means that the risk of overstimulation is smaller. The effect is the same as with regular weighted blankets = the weight will calm the nervous system and thus the whole body.

No noise
BABYDEEPSLEEP® Sleeping Bag is quiet and comfortable and does not disturb.

N.B: For older children (+6 years), I believe regular weighted blankets should be the obvious choice. Older children want to sleep with their covers and won't kick them off.


BABYDEEPSLEEP® Sleeping Bag helps children with many awakenings at night and sleep problems

The BABYDEEPSLEEP® products are the child-friendly alternative to regular weighted blankets. They don't get kicked off at night and are safe for babies and children to sleep with. The light weight over the chest and stomach calms your child's nervous system and makes the body relaxed.

About. 85% experience “better” or “much better” sleep within 7-14 nights.*

AWAKENING: Helps +75%.
From 5-10 times down to 1-2.
Helps +72%.
From 1-2 hours to 15-30 min.
Helps +85%.
From 20 – 40 min to 1.5 – 2 hours.
*Qualitative feedback from +1000 families (2014-20).

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