BABYDEEPSLEEP® Verzwaarde Slaapzak


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Age Range: 0-2 Years Old
Material: Bamboo Rayon
Color: Fog Green

De BABYDEEPSLEEP® Verzwaarde Slaapzak is een kalmerende verzwaarde slaapzak, speciaal ontworpen voor baby's (8-12 kg) met onrust en slaapproblemen. Het gepatenteerde gewichtsgedeelte past zich zachtjes aan het zenuwstelsel en het hele lichaam van je baby aan om rust te bieden en rusteloze en huilende pasgeborenen en baby's effectief te troosten.

Deze innovatieve constructie is daarom zowel een veiliger als effectiever alternatief voor traditionele verzwaarde dekens, die meestal worden afgetrapt of het gezicht van de baby kunnen bedekken.

Ongeveer 85% van de kleintjes ervaren "verbeterde" of "aanzienlijk betere" slaapkwaliteit binnen de eerste 7-14 nachten.*

* Kwaliteitsfeedback van meer dan duizend gezinnen (2014-20).

Veilig in gebruik

Eenverzwaarde slaapzak wordt vaak gebruikt als hulpmiddel bij Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT) - een therapeutische techniek waarbij druk op het lichaam wordt uitgeoefend om het zenuwstelsel te kalmeren. Het verzwaarde gedeelte bedekt de borst en maag van de baby, wat druk tegen het lichaam creëert en daardoor het zenuwstelsel kalmeert. Dit leidt tot een rustiger, diepere en vredigere slaap.

Met het extra ademende bamboe/katoen materiaal kun je de verzwaarde slaapzak gebruiken met slaapkleding en als een deken. De verzwaarde slaapzak heeft een 0,5 TOG, wat gelijk staat aan een dunne deken.

Onze BABYDEEPSLEEP® producten zijn gemaakt van extra ademend bamboe/katoen materiaal, wat voorkomt dat de baby oververhit raakt. De verzwaringsvulling bestaat uit kleine ftalaatvrije pellets en de stof en rits zijn OEKO-TEX® 100 gecertificeerd.

Onze producten zijn getest volgens de EU-veiligheidsnorm EN 16781:2018. Niet-lood en nikkelvrij. Aanbevolen door gezondheidsprofessionals en kraamverzorgenden.

  • Lengte: 90 cm. (van schouder tot teen)
  • Het gewicht is 700 g.
  • 2-richting YKK®-rits voor gemakkelijke luierwissels
  • Materiaal: 50% bamboe rayon / 50% katoen
  • Wassen op 30° C met lage centrifugeersnelheid en aan de lucht laten drogen
  • Slaapkleding: vaak is een rompertje/shirt met lange mouwen van katoen perfect
  • Geschikt voor gebruik het hele jaar door. De bamboevezels hebben uitstekende temperatuurregulerende eigenschappen

Uw kind loopt niet

  • Verzwaarde inbakerslaapzak: 5-9 kg (slaapzak 80 cm lang - schouder tot teen)
  • Verzwaarde slaapzak: 8kg-12kg (slaapzak 90 cm lang - schouder tot teen)

Uw kind loopt

  • Verzwaarde slaappak: 12kg-15kg (slaappak 90 cm lang - enkels tot schouders)
  • Verzwaard vest: 12kg-22kg (vest)

Als uw baby minder dan 12 kg weegt en al loopt, gebruik dan de inbakerslaapzak of slaapzak, maar het is belangrijk dat ouders en verzorgers de baby altijd in de gaten houden om ervoor te zorgen dat hij/zij niet uit bed klimt.


  • ★★★★★
    I bought the babydeepsleep swaddle. And WOW. It was the perfect little safe place for my colicky son. We have a natures sway sling and the babydeepsleep swaddle was a perfect add on. During the day trying to get him to take a nap is much more peaceful and instead of sleeping only powernaps, he sleeps 2-3 hours. We are so relieved 🙂
  • ★★★★★
    Maggie falls faster and deeper asleep and we do not have to rock her to sleep every night. She simply falls asleep by herself! Furthermore she now sleeps longer in the morning. Before she woke at 5 am, now she often sleeps until 6 am. AMAZING!
  • ★★★★★
    I was a bit reluctant to buy the babydeepsleep suit for my son Thomas, because he is a very warm child. I wrote to the owner of babydeepsleep and after a few emails back and forth, I took the leap. I am NOT disappointed. The weight in the suit seems perfect for my son and it clearly helps him to relax more and fall faster asleep and sleep longer periods. The daytime naps are also longer and he wakes much more peacefully. The bamboo fabric is absolutely GENIOUS. I really love our babydeepsleep bag. We could not live without it.
  • Marian + Victor 4 months.
  • Mari + Maggie 8 months
  • Elsa + Thomas 18 months


Een veiliger en effectiever alternatief voor traditionele verzwaringsdekens
Gemaakt van zacht en luchtige stoffen
Helpt baby's en kinderen om kalmer, dieper, en rustiger te slapen
Geemakt in Denemarken

Backed by Occupational Therapists and Used by Professionals

Unlike other baby weighted blankets, our blankets have placed the weight on targeted areas on the products rather than the entire products (nervous system registers the deep pressure technology better this way).

Babydeepsleep® products are some of the best products for babies with sleep problems. Offering babies extra comfort and proprioceptive stimulation is very effective.

Signe Bredsdorff-Larsen,

Authorized Child Occupational Therapist

Optimal Breathability

We are aware that restless little ones are usually warm. OEKO-TEX® certified bamboo/cotton fabric is used in all of our products due to its amazing features.

It ensures maximum breathability, temperature regulation and sweat absorption. An extra mesh insert at the top back is also added for extra airflow.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Ida Berghman

Our daughter is 17 months old and she has a regular wake-up schedule around 9 PM, 11 PM, 2 AM, 4 AM, and 5:30 AM, usually staying awake between 5:30 AM and 6:30 AM.
She frequently wakes up during the night, feeling upset, tossing and turning, and wanting to breastfeed. She gets upset if she doesn't get to breastfeed and prefers to sleep on us while we have to stand up and rock her back to sleep. She usually sleeps in my bed.
Nights have been challenging, and we were getting desperate. However, last night was our first experience with the weighted sleeping bag... 😱 😱
She woke up around 12 AM for the first time, climbed on me, and quickly fell back asleep. She woke up a few times after that but managed to soothe herself back to sleep. At 5 AM, I had to stand up and rock her, but she quickly fell back asleep. At 6:10 AM, there was a joyful wake-up call from our 1.5-year-old. She slept much more soundly and peacefully, and she managed to fall back asleep on her own, which she had never done before.
We noticed a significant improvement just on the first night. In fact, I don't feel utterly exhausted this morning and don't have that pressing need to take a nap during the day, which I usually do. I'm feeling enthusiastic about the upcoming nights and hoping to get a full night's sleep without interruptions, so I can regain some normalcy in my life. I can't imagine what we would have done if we hadn't found this weighted sleeping bag.
I just want to say... thank you!! ❤

Kamilla Pedersen

About 4 months ago, we entered a nightmare period. Our little boy, who had been sleeping through the night and was generally happy, suddenly started waking up multiple times during the night, inconsolable. Initially, we attributed it to a cold, but even after he recovered, the night disturbances continued. About 2 months later, he was diagnosed with asthma, which seemed like a valid reason for his nighttime awakenings. However, despite responding well to asthma medication and having no issues during the daytime, the nights remained a pure ordeal. He would wake up incredibly anxious and screaming, and we often found ourselves staying up for hours trying to soothe him back to sleep. We tried everything and came across something called 'Night Terrors,' which seemed to describe his symptoms perfectly – an anxious nightmare from which he couldn't wake up, likely triggered by his illness.
I am a trained occupational therapist, and I understand the importance of sensory stimuli for many individuals. So, we began researching products related to weighted blankets/bags. That's when we discovered this sleeping bag.
We received it a week ago, and now, he puts it on when he has his nighttime bottle, creating a positive association. And I must say, it's been a tremendous success. He has slept for a full 11 hours every night for the past 7 nights. Our boy is now extremely happy and well-rested, and so are his parents

Maria Lena Fischer

When my daughter turned 4 months old, her sleep gradually started to deteriorate. By the time she was 7-8 months old, it had become so bad that going to bed seemed pointless. She would wake up crying 1-2 times every hour throughout the night, and sometimes even more frequently during the early hours of the night. It was absolute torture.
I was aware of weighted swaddle but had hesitated due to the price. However, after trying everything else without success, it was our last option. We've used it for the past 4 nights, and the results have been remarkable. For the first 2 nights, she slept for 7-8 hours straight, and for the last 2 nights, she slept for a whopping 10 hours (!!) before waking up for a bottle. It's been incredible, and it has truly been my salvation. I should have bought it several months ago. I can't recommend a weighted bag enough!

Simone Andersen

Our girl had colic for the first 2 months, and all her sleep was on us parents... 🤯 We couldn't get her to sleep on her own under any circumstances. The first few nights with the weighted swaddle were a bit challenging as it didn't wrap as tightly as she was used to. But then, something miraculous happened! We woke up one morning and were utterly amazed because she had slept for 11 hours straight. Initially, we thought it might be a one-time occurrence, but to our delight, she has been doing the same thing every night since! 🤩 It's been a month now, and we use the weighted swaddle every time she needs to sleep, whether it's in the sling, the stroller, or the crib. We're even considering getting an extra one because we can't do without it when it's being washed. 😅🙈 The weighted swaddle has truly been invaluable to us, and we wholeheartedly recommend it!

Christina Bjernå

They are smashing cute at BabyDepsleep, but unfortunately the bag has had no effect on our daughter's sleep 🙁