Does your baby cry in their sleep? Maybe your baby wakes every hour whimpering or screaming? Some babies cry in their sleep but are not awake. Some cry and wake up completely and need help so they can continue sleeping.

It is hard to have a baby who sleeps restlessly. A baby who moves around in the bed all night and may wake themselves (and the parents) many times. This can result in many awake hours at night.


What's causing your baby to cry in their sleep?

* They are having stomach ache/gassy stomach
* They are having earache
* They are experiencing reflux
* They are hungry
* They are having a bad dream
* They are teething
* They are having night terrors
* They need to burp but can't
* They need more reassurance
* They drop the pacifier every time a sleep cycle ends

Regardless, it is quite common for a baby to sleep restlessly at times. It's very common and basically nothing wrong.

If the restless sleep has been going on for a long time, you may want to check for any physical causes to their poor sleep. Otherwise, the best thing you can do is to be there for your baby. Don't disturb them too much, be calm, but let the baby know you're there. You can quietly say "sch sch" or put a hand on your baby's stomach. Don't turn on lights or do too many things.

If your baby wakes up completely and won't stop crying, pick your baby up and rock it quietly back and forth. When it stops crying, put it down again.

If your baby screams wildly at night and you can't get it to calm down, it could be that your baby has night terrors. Again, nothing to be nervous about. The baby is not harmed by it and it is only temporarily.


More peaceful sleep in a sleeping bag

If your baby's poor sleep isn't because of any physical causes, and the restless sleep continues and has turned into a bad sleeping pattern, you maybe want to consider investing in a weighted sleeping bag. The BABYDEEPSLEEP® Sleeping Bag is a heavy and soothing weighted sleeping bag. It was invented by a mother who found inspiration in the effect of heavy duvets on sleep and developed the sleeping bag in collaboration with children's therapists.

The following reviews are from the Baby Deep Sleep's Facebook page

Mia Staxen Madsen
“I am so grateful for this product. All nurses should know about it. My daughter hasn't had a proper sleep since she was 6 months old, with approx. 15-20 awakenings a night. The doctor thought it was the ears, but the ear doctor could not see anything. Then she went to a reflexologist, also without effect. The health nurse thought it was her rapid development. In the end we bought the bag - which we should have done a long time ago! She spent 14 days getting used to it, and boom from one day to the next she slept all night. It also only takes 5 minutes to cuddle her now. We have got all our profits back and we will recommend the sleeping bag to everyone.”

Mathilde Winkel Madsen
“Worked from day one! Our daughter woke up almost every hour screaming or whimpering from the time she was 3 months to approx. 9 months, when we chose to invest in a sleeping bag. Now she only wakes up a few times, and it's easy to get her back to sleep. Thanks for a great invention and great service!”

Cecilia Scharboe
“I'm so glad I chose to try the sleeping bag. Our son has always had difficulty falling asleep unless we have our hand on his chest. But even then he slept so restlessly and woke up every hour throughout the evening and night and needed a hand on him to fall asleep.
With the sleeping bag, he wakes up twice at most, and you just have to give him his pacifier, then he goes back to sleep, because he finds security in the weight on his chest. Our son often sleeps on his stomach, and they can do that easily in it too (I had my doubts about that). Has really been a positive experience.”

Ida Dybdahl Mathiesen
"We have been super happy with the weighted sleeping bag. Our daughter has never been a good sleeper, but when she was 4 months old she started waking up every 45 minutes, and only slept during the day when I went with the pram. After 3 weeks I was completely exhausted and asked my husband to take time off to help. She would crawl herself awake at night and cry when she woke up because she was tired.
We ordered the sleeping bag and after just 2 days she was sleeping 3-4 hours straight at night.;) I can only recommend the sleeping bag, it saved us and my milk supply. My husband was a bit skeptical at first – it's expensive – but what's your sleep worth? and it is some of the best money we have spent.”

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