When swaddling with cloth/blanket/duvet

Blankets and duvets with synthetic filling can become very warm for your baby to be swaddled in. Pay close attention to your baby's temperature and choose blankets made of 100% cotton or other natural materials (wool, bamboo, etc.). Eg. you can buy a large fabric cloth made of 100% cotton in which you can swaddle your baby.

– The disadvantages of swaddling in cloth/blanket/duvet are that the baby can quickly untangle itself from the swaddling and the swaddling becomes too tight over the baby's hips (read more below).


Focus on healthy hip development

In the United States, babies are almost always swaddled from birth. The incidence of hip dysplasia in young babies has exploded as a result of too tight swaddles.

– Choose a swaddle that has a good width over the hips, so that there is room for baby to sleep in the so-called seed position.


How tight should you wrap?

It's a matter of taste, and it is individual from baby to baby how tightly you should swaddle. Some swaddles are very tight, while others are looser and highlight "the baby's natural hand movements" as an argument. Regardless, DO NOT wrap tightly around hips and legs.


Wrap with designed wraps

Pay attention to the length of the wrap. Many wraps are relatively short and can therefore only be used for a short time. Also, pay attention to the material (overheating) and the width over the hips (cf. hip dysplasia).


Swaddling and cot death

There is talk both for and against swaddling. Cot death in particular is highlighted as a risk, as the child can overheat in a swaddle. The baby can also suffocate if it rolls over on its stomach in a swaddle, as it does not have its hands free to support itself with.

 Therefore, buy a swaddle that is breathable with good hip width and stop swaddling when your baby can turn over on its side/stomach (approx. 3-5 months).

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